Home Automation

With the time budding, consideration of home automation as a luxury is a thing of the past. Now, it is all about having access and control of lighting, temperature, security, curtains, appliances, audio, video systems etc., just a touch or voice command away. The growth in need of automation has come around with the affordability of smart phones, tablets and such other smart gadgets in both domestic as well as commercial sectors.
We live in a world full of competition, worrying about how to ace. Let us help you worry a little less about your home. From cringing if you have left the door unlocked this morning before you left, till ensuring the perfect temperature and lighting when you walk in after a weary day, leave us at taking care of it making your home a perfect destination for relaxation.

Home Cinema

Walk with the generation’s demand. A comfort sitting of big screen televisions matching the best of visual experiences in the comfort of your own home with the ambiance of a theatre is gained by the concept of Home Theatres.
Visualize yourself in a surreal cinematic experience with 360° surround sound, crystal-clear images and vibrant stunning colors. Installing PRYME’s chic home theatre, you can create this very experience in your living space.
A combination of latest flat-screen televisions/ projectors and high-powered speakers from the best of brands are fused together providing the finest audio-visual quality. Now enjoying a movie marathon or a game night with friends is just one step away as we help you with setting up your own home theatre.
As a recognized service provider and builder of home theatres, PRYME offers customised solutions for setting up the best home cinemas complete with the hi-tech audio-video system. This includes:

  • • 2K/4K/3D projection systems.
  • • Starting with 5.1 Surround Sound systems.
  • • Dolby Surround and Dolby ATMOS sound systems.
  • • Carpeted acoustics and cushioned recliner couches
  • • User-friendly control systems, services, and support.

You are going to love the action when you feel being in it with the Ultra HD and immersive high- fidelity surround sound. Our focussed effort for providing you with the most practical and transparent recommendations for your space is what earns us the bias of the leading architects, interior designers and builders. Contact PRYME and craft your own state of the art private cinema experience in your residence.

Hi–Fi Stereo

Hear sounds like how they were meant to be heard. Feel every detail with the utmost precision. The goal of a High Fidelity installation, in addition to offering daily music listening pleasure, is to get nearer to the source sound quality and remain faithful to the instruments, channels, choices of recordings and mixes. With us, you get one step closer to hearing music in its purest form. High quality speakers made from premium materials coupled with powerful amplifiers ensure that your music listening experience is exceptional each time.

Multi-Room Audio

With more and more content moving towards digital streaming platforms, the days of storing music on hard drives, CDs and pen drives are now in the past. We design the perfect multi room audio solution for your space wherein you can either play the same song in the entire house or play different songs in different spaces of your house. All this only through your smartphone/tablet with individual zone control without having to get up each time to change the track or adjust the volume. Equipped with the latest Dante compatible IP Multi Zone Controllers, the possibilities are endless.

Lifestyle Audio

“Sound should be heard and not seen”. Custom install audio solutions from renowned brands enable us to craft the perfect lifestyle audio solution for you. Be it your bedroom, living room, personal lounge, terrace or garden, our wide variety of product offering ensures that we have something to suit your needs. Premium glass speakers, spherical compact designer speaker, in wall & in ceiling speakers or invisible speakers, the list just goes on. At the end of it, our prime goal is to adorn your living space with latest technology which not only sounds great but also looks great.

Interior Design

We blend the best of interior design and sophisticated home electronics to create a beautiful, fully interactive smart home, with the most creative implementation of technology. With our expertise, the right system in place and the right cabling, anything is possible for the innovative smart home. With an increase in demand for smart home technology, we are continually approached by interior designers and builders to install and program cutting-edge systems sure to thrill homeowners.

Commercial Audio Video

Gone are the days of using big black boxy speakers for your commercial spaces. Our portfolio consists of brands that provide you with aesthetic AV solutions which not only guarantee space filling rich sound, but also carry a minimal visual footprint. Our solutions ensure that your patrons focus on your offering rather than staring at the big speakers hanging above their heads.