Home Theatre

Walk with the generation’s demand. A comfort sitting of big screen televisions matching the best of visual experiences in the comfort of your own home with the ambiance of a theatre is gained by the concept of Home Theatres.
Visualize yourself in a surreal cinematic experience with 360° surround sound, crystal-clear images and vibrant stunning colors. Installing PRYME’s chic home theatre, you can create this very experience in your living space.

A combination of latest flat-screen televisions/ projectors and high-powered speakers from the best of brands are fused together providing the finest audio-visual quality. Now enjoying a movie marathon or a game night with friends is just one step away as we help you with setting up your own home theatre.

As a recognized service provider and builder of home theatres, PRYME offers customised solutions for setting up the best home cinemas complete with the hi-tech audio-video system. This includes:

  • • 2K/4K/3D projection systems.
  • • Starting with 5.1 Surround Sound systems.
  • • Dolby Surround and Dolby ATMOS sound systems.
  • • Carpeted acoustics and cushioned recliner couches
  • • User-friendly control systems, services, and support.

You are going to love the action when you feel being in it with the Ultra HD and immersive high- fidelity surround sound. Our focussed effort for providing you with the most practical and transparent recommendations for your space is what earns us the bias of the leading architects, interior designers and builders. Contact PRYME and craft your own state of the art private cinema experience in your residence.